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Notice pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (the Personal Data Protection Code, hereafter referred to as 'the Code')

In accordance with article 13 of the Code, we hereby inform the user of the site ('the User') that Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. "INPGI Hines Fund" will process personal data provided by the User during the course of registration in compliance with the legislation in force and as set out in this notice:

1. Purpose:
The User's personal data shall be processed for the following purposes:
a) for administrative purposes and in order to deal with matters connected with registration of the User on the site www.lacorteverdedicorsocomo.com ('the Site') including where this is for the purpose of the User taking part in competitions or other events featured on the Site (where the User takes part in the same), as well as for the supply of services connected with the aforesaid;
b) for the purposes of providing the User with assistance and, in particular, and by way of example only, to deal with the resolution of any technical problems arising, complaints in relation to the service, the receipt and dispatch of data for the purposes of memorandums, planning and scheduling, and adjustments to technical specifications, including those related to the transmission and connection network;
c) in order to comply with legal obligations and with any orders made by the court;
d) for the purposes of statistical analysis on an anonymous basis;
e) for the purposes of establishing the extent to which the User is satisfied with the quality of the products and/or services provided and with the work carried out by Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. "INPGI Hines Fund" as well as by other companies in its group;
f) for direct marketing purposes and, therefore, in particular, to send communications of a commercial nature or other information in relation to services and news concerning La Corte Verde di Corso Como or other companies in its group, as well as in relation to their commercial ventures, promotions, advertising and market research, by way of calls via the operator or otherwise, e-mail, fax, text messages, MMS messages, or by sending the said material in paper form to the User's home address.

2. Provision of data:
The provision of personal data for the purposes set out at a), b) and c) is necessary. Failure to provide this data will render the User unable to register on the Site or enter competitions or take part in other events featured on the Site; nor will the User be able to take advantage of the assistance provided by Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. "INPGI Hines Fund".
Provision by the User of personal data for the purposes set out at e) and f) is, however, on a voluntary basis; a refusal to provide the data for these purposes will simply mean that it will be impossible for Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. "INPGI Hines Fund" to carry out the steps set out therein but shall not however prevent the User from registering on the Site and from taking advantage of the other services connected with registration. It should be specified that the User's consent is not necessary for the purposes set out at d) as the processing of the data is carried out on a completely anonymous basis.

3. Manner
The processing of the User's personal data may consist in the collection, elaboration, recording, communication and storage of the data and shall be carried out in accordance with the principles of relevance, necessity and fairness, whether done manually or by computerized and/or automated means.

4. Communication and disclosure
The User's personal data may be communicated by Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. "INPGI Hines Fund" to the groups of entities set out as follows of the purposes indicated at paragraph 1) above: (i) other companies in the group of which Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. "INPGI Hines Fund" forms part; (ii) retained third parties providing services necessary to make payments or process data specifically identified and authorized by Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. "INPGI Hines Fund"; (iii) to the Site host service provider, being "Arc S.r.l. , registered office in via Fatebenefratelli 14, 20121 Milano, tel. 026311971, fax 0263119750. The User's personal data will not in any case be disclosed.

5. Transfer abroad
The User's personal data may be transferred abroad, also to countries outside the European Union, to other companies in the group of which Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. "INPGI Hines Fund" forms part, for the purposes set out at paragraph 1) above, in compliance with articles 43 and 44 of the Code.

6. Rights of the data subject
As the data subject, the User has the rights provided by the article 7 of the Code including, by way of example but not limited to, the right to obtain confirmation from the data controller as to whether or not personal data concerning him/her exists and communication of such data in an intelligible form, of the identification data concerning the data controller and the entities to whom or which the data may be communicated as well as to obtain the updating, rectification and integration of the data, the erasure, anonymization or the blocking of data that has been processed unlawfully as well as to object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of the data. The User also has the right to object any time to the use of his/her data for the purposes of sending advertising material, direct selling or to carry out market or commercial communication surveys.

7. Data controller
The Data Controller is Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. "INPGI Hines Fund" based at via della Moscova 18, 20121 Milano, fax 0236599680. The User may also contact Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. "INPGI Hines Fund" on 800.172.581 to ask for further information regarding the processing and the communication of the personal data as well as to exercise his/her rights pursuant to article 7 of the Code.